TOS review of See-N-Read

     See-N-Read shared both physical products and a download trial of their tool designed for the computer for this review. 

     The concept is to lightly cover the words surrounding the words you are reading which makes the ones you need to focus on stand out and more easily be read. When I read, I read fast, so moving the device was just an extra unnecessary item in regular reading, but… Joseph is learning to read, and blocking out distractions helps him focus on the words he needs to attend to. So in my opinion, this product is not for everyone, but it can be a very helpful tool to some people. I know that I will be sharing this resource with some of my patients who have visual focus difficulties.

     Two different physical products were shared: the See-N-Read® Reading Tool Clear Solid ReadBar™ and the MemoryMark™ Series See-N-Read® Reading Tool Cut Out ReadBar™ which you can link on to the website to see even more details. The Memory Mark version has an actual cut out area in place of the see through plastic so you can highlight or even write while holding the tool on your page. 

     The computer version:
electronic Reading andInstruction Tool for PCs
 is the same concept, but instead of holding it on your page and moving it with your hand, you click your mouse and drag it to the desired position. I enjoyed using this tool even more than the hand held one for books, especially when reading words written on a solid white background, as it cut the glare on the screen. You can easily change the size of the eSee-N-Read to cover your entire screen or just a small portion. 

From the website:
"See-N-Read® Reading Tools (patent pending) help readers see, focus and remember text being read while filtering out distractions on the page. Reduces word- and line-skipping and pattern glare (words appear to move on the page), common problems for struggling or fatigued readers.

Research-Based Design is Classroom Tested
Practical design is based on extensive research in the fields of reading, dyslexia, ophthalmology and visual and cognitive processing. It offers a proven solution to tracking, fluency and comprehension issues that may surface during the RtI review process.

SEE: Helps readers to concentrate on and track text with their eyes and to smoothly move between words even when changing lines, thereby increasing fluency and comprehension.

FOCUS: The clear reading window helps readers control their fields of vision and focus on each line of text. The tinted transparent area around the clear window reduces distractions on the page and allows readers to move smoothly to the next line without stopping.  It also enables them to re-read without moving the tool in order to keep their place on the page.

REMEMBER: Improved control of field of vision helps readers concentrate on content instead of constantly using mental energy to track the location of words on the page." 

     These products are available for purchase on the See-N-Read website $2.99 for one Memory Mark or See-N-Read and $29.99 for their electronic tool. There are also packages available for discounts on larger orders. 

     Disclaimer: My family received a download of this program for the purpose of this review. 

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