TOS review of Math Facts Now

     Math Facts Now is a computer drill type game to help your children master their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Each time you open the program, you choose which student will do the lesson, then you have a choice of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

     You have another choice of numbers to practice up to 12 in the equations. Within their parameters, you can set the length of time allowed to complete each problem, the number of times the problem will be redone if incorrect, and the total number of problems.

     When the student completes each set they can view their score and even print a detailed report which shows the specific problem(s) that was missed.

     There is an option as you set the parameters of each game to give your child a reward if they complete the lesson with 100% accuracy, and you type in what the reward will be.

     Customer service has been very helpful. Though I did not contact them personally, the TOS reviewers as a group shared how the minimum requirement of 50 problems at a time was a bit much for some of our children. Just from our input the company re-did the program! I downloaded the updates and appreciate being able to set a lower #, my daughter did 25 each time. 

     The recommended grade level is K-6 but this could be beneficial to anyone who needs to improve their accuracy with math facts. I liked it best for my 5th grader. She enjoyed this and we will continue to use it. 

     The program is available to download for $15.95 or as a CD for an additional $3.95 s/h. 

     from the program's creator:
As a homeschooling father of nine I came to see the need for a program that would quickly and efficiently help my children to memorize their math facts. It seemed that my older children really could benefit from my time as they got into more complex subject matters, and yet I was having to spend so much of that time helping the little ones with basic memorization. What I saw on the market at the time was that most computer programs were cartoon oriented or seriously lacked in parental control. Most programs really were more in the line of "edutainment" than education. The older approaches of using flash cards were too demanding of my time, and the workbooks would bring the children to tears. I needed help! I decided then to design a program that would simply get the job done as quickly and easily and thoroughly as possible.

"Math Facts NOW!" is unique in that it offers unparalleled parental control over all aspects of the math facts lessons, and a very unique feature (and one that is not seen if you are not looking for it) is that it "remembers" which problems a child is having trouble with and automatically includes those particular problems with greater frequency through out the remainder of the lesson.

For parents who keep records of their children's progress, the program offers thorough record keeping and progress reports. Families that use a boxed curriculum often supplement their math program with our software. It is not a comprehensive math program, but rather a supplement to any program.

     Disclaimer: My family received a download of this program for the purpose of this review. 


  1. Jennifer,

    Good review. We enjoyed using Math Facts NOW!. I was also pleased w/the customer service which I did through E-mail.


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