get your recipes ready....

Beginning tomorrow- the first ever linky at a glimpse of our life:

      Come back on the first Tuesday of each month for Tasty Tuesdays. This week I am asking for you to link to your healthy recipes. There is no limit on how many or what kind of recipe you link, though if it is a bit healthy I will be more likely to try it. It can be a simple tip or a complex recipe, anything goes.

     I have not been successful with menu planning, but am hopeful. Another mom is going to teach girls (and Moms) how she has done this with success. I recently dove back into one day of once a month cooking with another friend and am appreciating the many partially prepared dishes in the freezer. Your recipe suggestions will be appreciated.



  1. I've never attempted once a month cooking, but I would like to do more freezer cooking. Making double batches of soups and things is so, so helpful.

  2. Once a month cooking is like a big day of freezer cooking, same idea on a larger scale. It is nice to have extra meals prepared in the freezer.


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