B90-One Month Into The 90 Day Challenge

    Almost one month/ one-third of the way into this challenge, yeah! One of the many benefits to this reading has been reading with my daughter. We aren't reading out loud, but still together as we are both following the schedule provided, so discussions have been a part of it. Of course, Joseph wants to be doing everything with us so he includes his view often. My favorite was his comment that if I was reading 90 days why didn't I go on and read for 100? I do hope to make this a daily habit that continues long past the 90 days of this challenge.

     It has been more of a challenge the past two weeks. Genesis reads like a story. Exodus continues the story. I Kings and II Kings are less familiar to me. The repeated references to "the annals of the kings of Israel." Are they referring to something that is still around today? Or was part of this recovered with the Dead Sea Scrolls?

     I enjoyed the encouragement found in II Samuel and even recognized a lot of words from songs. I love the words in chapter 22 verses 2-7. In one Bible it is referred to as "David's song of praise."



  1. I'm doing this to! Its been a great challenge for me, but I'm thankful for the day off today. :)

  2. Jennifer!!! I can comment now! Woo Hoo! I wish everyone had their blog set up this way! I am so impressed that you are reading the bible in 90 days! I thought a year was tough! Especially in the Old Testament! ;o)
    Happy Monday!
    Love, Kristin

  3. Yeah Kristin! Thanks for helping me figure out the problem and fix it. And Happy Monday to you too sweetie!

  4. I'm in little behind in my reading but I'm ok with that:) I'm currently in 1 Kings...I should make it into 2 Kings today. I'll catch up someday! I think it's great that your daughter is reading with you:)

  5. I agree that this reading is getting a little repetitive. I am looking forward to reading Psalms though! Good Luck.

  6. Poekitten, Heather reading with me has been a huge motivator, with wanting to set a good example. Last year we also started a scheduled online Bible study together and enjoyed it but got terribly off schedule.

  7. I just began the Bible in 90 Days with momstoolbox.com on July 11. Can't wait to say that I'm a graduate. ~ Ellen


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