B90 week 1

     Wow! Thank you, Lynn, for the initial nudge to try this. Thank you, Debra, for the encouragement as my mentor through this. Thank you, Mom's Toolbox for sharing this awesome challenge.

     Only one week into it and I have read more of my Bible in a single week than I remember reading in a long time. I love how the story that is told in Genesis (and continued in Exodus) was like reading a book I didn't want to put down. I am thankful for the joy I am experiencing while reading God's Holy Word. Our family studied Moses for the first half of the school year. For four months we studied what I read about in less than one week. I am experiencing Scripture in a new way.

     My oldest daughter expressed an interest in participating in this challenge with me. She didn't sign up, but she is waking up early and reading beside me each day. I can't think of a better way to strengthen our relationship. I wonder how many more people have been encouraged by others doing this to try it out even without signing up. What a blessing!!!

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  1. That's so wonderful that your daughter is reading along beside you! What a bonding experience. I, too, am so glad that I signed up. Doesn't it feel like we're making REAL progress?


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