TOS review of North Star Games - Wits and Wagers

     Our family enjoys playing games together. Some games (like the classic but very long Monopoly) are pulled off the shelf once a year. Others stay out within easy reach in the living room. And others even get packed up and taken with us on trips.

     Wits and Wagers is one of those in that category that is so enjoyed we even took it on our most recent vacation. We have played this game repeatedly, and the whole family has enjoyed it.
     The rules were easy enough for my 6 year old to quickly understand. The game kept everyone involved, even though we took turns reading the questions.
     Each player has a dry erase pen, a board to write their guess on, and two meeples to place on their guesses. One player is the scorekeeper and marks the board as each person gets points.

    A few educational extras are just bonus features. Writing numbers can be addressed in a fun way. Sequencing is addressed as cards are arranged in numerical order. And trivia- little known facts can lead to the whole family laughing. My husband even found another fun use for the boards- doodling on the back of them!

     North Star Games has a link on their website to help locate stores where you can purchase your own game. You can also find Wits and Wagers on Facebook.

Disclaimer: As a reviewer for the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, North Star Games provided me with the Wits and Wagers game for the purpose of this review.

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