DNG review: Creation Camouflage

     The kids have been playing hide and seek a lot lately, even outside after dark, inspired by the new Download N Go study Creation Camouflage.
     We are a family of hunters, so the kids understand camouflage clothing and using it to help hide outside. This study, though, shares how God created animals with the protection of camouflage. All three of my children (ages 6-13) enjoyed learning about the distinctive patterns in some insects, the beauty within the rain forest, and much more. Before starting our newest DNG unit, I offered my oldest daughter the chance to skip the study if she preferred to work on her 7th grade science activities on her own. She chose to join us, which could be looked at by some as “extra work.” She said she wanted to learn about camouflage. I enjoy these studies as much as the kids do; with the DNG studies learning is fun.
     Fun? Yes! Do you remember the Where's Waldo? visual puzzlers from the 80's? There was a link to two of these showing another fun side of camouflage. 
Creation Camouflage
     As in all DNG studies, geography was included. Our previously used and re-used world maps were getting full so after the instructions of coloring all of the world's rain forests green we printed new maps (included) for all three children. Because of the topic, a lot of science was included. A diffferent habitat and animal was focused on each day. We all learned some amazing facts about the poison dart frog.
     Art was also a heavy subject in this unit study. Along with the lap book components included, beautiful coloring sheets were shared. Videos highlighted Eric Carle's techniques for illustrating his famous The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. Another of my favorite artists, John James Audubon was studied on the day that snowy owls were the focus.
     Spelling, vocabulary, history and fine motor skills are also integrated into the study.
     Creation Camouflage is available at the DNG store  for $7.95. View a sample of this product.
    From the website http://www.downloadngo.com/  "In this incredible E-Book, learn all about how and why animals hide in different parts of the earth, from oceans and rain forests to deserts and even the tundra. Meet distinguished, animal-loving experts and watch videos of astonishing animals from around the world while learning about their most amazing forms of camouflage. From this detailed and fascinating study, your child will see and learn about God’s creation from some of His mightiest handiwork."
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Disclaimer: A copy of this DNG unit study was provided for my family to use for the purpose of this review.

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