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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

     Such a busy time of year, today I'll share a bit of how our family has been enjoying December.

* The children have had a few opportunities to share their music. Yesterday morning the girls played Silent Night at church. Last night I took my Powpow to a wake while the kids played at another church. It is always hard when someone close to us dies, but during the holidays when family is gathered together, that loss feels like an empty hole.

* Lots of little lost items have been found. The two DSi games were found while cleaning up the house for company. The peanuts that were purchased specifically for crock pot candy were found in the pantry after we made the candy. The missing wii remote turned up in the clothes dryer where we had thrown the pile of clean clothes from the sofa when guests arrived. We are still looking for Joseph's jacket.

* We have more visitors this time of year than any other time. Because of this more hiding of clutter is done (yes, this contributes to the extra "lost" items.) We visited another home this week where everything seemed to look perfect. I think if we just got rid of about 60% of stuff in our house, we still wouldn't achieve that almost museum like orderliness. I love having friends and family over, especially those that love me no matter how the house looks.

* We also do more cooking, baking, and candy/treat making during the holidays than any other time of the year. I can't even reach the Wii Fit board behind the Christmas Tree.

* Mitch makes the best waffles. He got up early this morning before heading to work to make a special breakfast. I am very thankful for my husband.

* Inspired by a video that a friend shared online of a very young boy reciting the Christmas story from Luke 2, the kids are trying to learn it now.

* On my list of things to do today- addressing Christmas Cards. Sorry to those of you receiving cards from us; they may arrive after Christmas.

* Also on the list- wrapping presents (fun, maybe while watching a Christmas movie), making my shopping list for Mitch, more cleaning clutter hiding. Did I mention how awesome Mitch is? I realized as I was driving home from my last shopping trip until Christmas, last Friday, that I had not purchased a few necessary foods for Christmas dinner. Mitch is going to pick up the things on my growing list after work one day this week.

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