Something about seeing houses all lit up with Christmas lights, nativity scenes, and special decorations makes me happy. This is a picture of our lights (big old fashioned bulbs) last year after the snow.

I like to see the lights on when I drive up after dark. Mitch put the same big lights up this year, I just don't have a picture yet. You can see the lights on the side of our house from my Grandparent's yard. Mitch also put up pretty front porch lights last week on both sides of the front door.


  1. I agree and can't wait til we go see them this year!! It's so much fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love driving around and seeing them too. We live in the boonies but we really should put some up anyway. No one but us would see them.

  3. It helps make the short, dark days so much nicer to see all the pretty lights. I love them.


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