homeschool through the holidays

     Last year I read on someone's blog about what they called Christmas School. Through the Christmas season we do school a bit differently than the rest of the year. We do less book work and more that is related to the season.
     The kids continue their basics including their grammar and online math at MathScore and Mathletics, and we are continuing our group unit studies. Heather's science class has 3 weeks off. Both girls have finished some of the textbooks they are using and will wait to resume those subjects until January. We have changed up our Bible Study with the Jesse tree devotion through Advent.
     There are always more opportunities for the kids to share their music through the holidays. Because of this, we have heard the joyful sound of Christmas songs being practiced for months now. I enjoy hearing them share what they have put so much time into practicing.
     We do a lot of holiday baking and crafts; math and problem solving skills are built into those activities.
     Does your schedule change through the holidays? Share what you do during this joyful time on Brenda's meme.

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  1. I am doing something a bit similar. I'm keeping my 2nd grader doing her math and reading throughout the holiday season, but our other lessons we're putting on hold to do more holiday related stuff. I've gotten a slew of free Christmas related unit studies (short and long) and I am just pulling things I need from them. That way it keeps school interesting enough for the kindergarten, and the eldest is still getting substance.


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