2010 Gratitude Challenge

     Reading has been an enjoyable experience for most of my life. I have wonderful memories of snuggling beside my Grandmother as she read many books to me. I enjoy reading a good book.
     Today, as we pulled books off of the hall shelf for our books of the Bible activity, I found a few that I had forgotten about. I am thankful my kids smile instead of laughing at my singing. I sang/read a book I picked up at a used curriculum sale: "The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup I Say A Little Prayer For You."
     I am thankful for books, for libraries, for special snuggling time reading with my own children, for the girls reading to Joseph, and for the most awesome book- God's Holy Word.
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  1. I too am so thankful for books- especially Gods word!

  2. Those are wonderful things to be grateful for. (and I love that song, too)

  3. I love reading aloud to my children & the snuggles that go with it.

  4. Books have made a difference in every part of my life. I love to read and I hope through homeschooling I am sharing that love with my kids. Thanks for stopping by and I covet your prayers, still struggling.


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