2010 Gratitude Challenge

     Many people have inspired my children musically. I am especially thankful for their current music teachers. The teachers are sisters, young girls. The oldest teaches Joseph piano. He adores her (and so do I.) She comes up with creative games and keeps his interest, and she seems to completely overlook his fidgeting and keeps teaching. Last week she mailed him a little story she wrote especially for him, and he had fun deciphering the code words by writing the letter that matched the music notes written.
     The middle daughter teaches violin to both of my girls. She is just a little older than my oldest daughter, yet has already mastered three instruments! I think that their closeness in age actually helps the girls relate to and understand her. They have both improved so much in the year that they have been learning from her.
     I never learned to play an instrument, but have always enjoyed listening to others. I especially enjoy hearing my children perform for me.

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  1. How nice to have music in your home ,and teachers who really care about your children!

  2. What a wonderful blessing to have such great teachers!

  3. I love homeschooling but I also love the teachers that have been placed in our daughter's life. They are a blessing!


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