2010 Gratitude Challenge

     We has a fun tea party Saturday, my children, my Mom, and I. We each picked out a flavored tea bag and enjoyed tea and tea biscuits with lemon curd. The tea biscuits were actually thinly sliced muffins and rolls that we made earlier in the week. It was a last minute unplanned event, but it was special. I hope my children look back on their childhood and remember times like that. We sat around the table and shared with each other. I'm thankful for unplanned visits.

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  1. I love unplanned visits and tea parties. How fun! ; )


  2. That sounds fun. I'm sure they will remember.

  3. Sounds like fun!!! I want to do a summer birthday party tea party style, for my 5 daughters next summer (4 of them have summer birthdays but I can't leave out the other one either).

  4. Tea parties are some of my best memories with my daughter! What a lovely gift! Love those unexpected moments!

  5. What a sweet time I'm sure you all had!wooot! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed night! hugs!

  6. My girls love when we have tea parties & use the fancy china.


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