2010 Gratitude Challenge

     We just enjoyed our homeschool group's "Mom's night." This time the Mom who hosted the evening taught us how to do blackwork embroidery. We ate, visited, and stitched together. I am thankful for the fellowship with other Moms, for friendship, and for the fun opportunity to learrn something new.

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  1. Fellowship with other homeschooling moms is a good thing!

  2. It's good to get out and have some time to yourself. I used to love to do embroidery, but my backs were never so pretty.. Blackwork would have been a fun challenge for me.

  3. It is fun. I just finished the duck. The back looks like it has a lot more feathers than the front. :) http://homeschoolblogger.com/greensburg/784187/

  4. How wonderful to have a group of ladies to spend time with! Blessings!


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