Our plans as they stand so far

As a homeschooling Mom, I am asked somewhat frequently what curricula we use. I smile, and say “a lot” then explain how I review products so we change a lot, but what works for us we continue to use. Often the person asking the question will change the conversation, and I don’t press to answer with a book of information more than they really want to hear. We use what works for us. If something doesn’t work, we either shelve it for a later time or give it away. But this year, I’m sharing with my blog readers what we have planned…so far.

Our three children are going into the 1st, 5th, and 7th grades. Some of what we use, we all do together such as our Bible reading and memorization. Some lessons overlap 2 of the 3 children. For clarification, I’ll identify things by grade level (1, 5, or 7.) Because I tweak things to make them work for us, this is not necessarily what will work for other children in those grades. My 1st grader, for example, will be doing a 2nd grade math curriculum. Some things (like the photography unit study we didn’t get to this summer) are there because one of my children expressed interest in a particular topic.

1st grade plans:

My Father’s World comprehensive curriculum (without their math)
Rod and Staff 2nd grade math
Mathletics, Math Score, and Quartermile Maths
5th grade plans:

HWT Cursive Success
Writing Strands
A Beka Read & Think Skill Sheets
Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology (we have all 3 of this series, and will begin with #1)
Teaching Textbooks 4 (not completed last year)
Mathletics, Math Score, and Quartermile Maths
Life of Fred
7th grade plans:

Writing Strands
Apologia General Science
Teaching Textbooks 6 (not completed last year) and then begin 7
Mathletics, Math Score, and Quartermile Maths
Life of Fred
Omnibus 1
Artistic Pursuits
For all:

Grapevine Old Testament Study
NavPress Topical Memory System
Cantering the Country along with our continued postcard swap, enhanced by Olde World United States and World Maps
Typing Tutor
Prima Latina, working into Latina Christiana
Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
For the girls:

Beautiful Girlhood
Marmee Dear Grains unit study
My plan would not be complete without sharing about our reviews. This is my second year as part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew. We were blessed with so many helpful products last year that worked for our needs. Some products that you see listed are from reviews last year that we still use. Also, I was recently allowed to join the Download and Go review team. Those are unit studies that our whole family is sure to enjoy. (The first one we get to try is Roller Coasters!)

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