flash freeze

Peaches are one of my favorite fruits. For years I have been preserving them by peeling, slicing, dropping into a freezer bag, and freezing them. But this year my friend Dana taught me how to flash freeze. This is an amazing simple technique that makes a huge difference. It is EASY!

When your peaches are peeled, sliced, and ready to freeze, put them on a cookie sheet. First I tried on waxed paper and they stuck to it. The second attempt was on parchment paper which worked like a dream. Freeze them, then pull the individual slices off the paper, and then put them in your freezer bag. Then put the bag of frozen individual slices back in the freezer.

Now, when I want to make a smoothie, I can get a few slices to add to it instead of having to thaw the whole bag. You can do this with strawberries, too, but I learned too late for that this year.


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