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     Of all of the programs we have tried over the past year with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, Joseph, my five year old son, has declared Alphabet Beats to be his favorite. I rank it up with my top favorites, too. This is a program for handwriting, but includes so much more.  We received the Alphabet Beats writing lowercase letters DVD from The TV Teacher.

     This program was developed for teaching letter formation, one letter at a time. “Miss Marnie,” an Occupational Therapist, demonstrates proper letter formation while repeating a “chant” for the children to imitate as they watch and draw the letter in the air. Words are clearly displayed on the screen as she says them out loud, sometimes accompanied by pictures, sometime acted out. Each letter ends with a clear demonstration of her drawing a large sample letter and repeating the chant 3 times before the child tries it on paper. It is recommended that this not be watched in its entirety at one sitting, instead one letter at a time. I agree with this concept, and doing it this way with Joseph has not lessened his enjoyment by overloading him with too much to process at once.

     From the company: "Alphabet Beats is a multi-sensory handwriting program using visuals & rhythmic chants.  This award-winning learning tool was created by an occupational therapist and a mother of two, and has produced amazing results since its release in 2006.  Alphabet Beats is formatted on a DVD that can be used on a TV or a COMPUTER (with DVD read capability).  Lessons are presented in letter chapter segments, each approximately 5 minutes in length."

    Check out this and their other products at www.thetvteacher.com. Each DVD (writing lowercase letters, and writing uppercase letters) is available for $35. Each or $64.99 for both DVDs. They also have workbooks and additional resources available at the website.
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Disclaimer: These products were received for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

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