Beware of Alligators

     That was the sign I read as we entered the state park Friday. We had a great weekend camping, and did not see any alligators! The first evening I took Joseph to the playground right before dark. I pushed him on the merry-go-round, and didn’t think it through when he told me to get on. I did, and he spun it around, and I felt like a kid- a dizzy kid!
     Mitch made the plans for us after a friend recommended a nearby state park. When he set up reservations, he thought his parents would be meeting us there on their way to our house. Their plans were delayed, and instead my parents drove up yesterday and spent the afternoon with us playing scrabble, walking around the lake, and playing with us on the playground (Joseph’s favorite part of the weekend.) Mitch made breakfast for us both mornings. We played Frisbee; the weather was perfect outside. We all enjoyed leaving behind our responsibilities, but it feels great to be back home.


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