My kids went to bed hungry Tuesday night. Before you get concerned, keep reading. Somehow, we have raised picky eaters. Mitch and I discussed our plan, and he supported this or it never would have worked. All afternoon, without the kids knowing what was planned, when they wanted a snack of any kind I said yes. They had ice cream at my parent's, crackers with Granny and Powpow, and many snacks at home. We had a late supper and they snacked right up until then.
       At the table, we discussed God's provisions, hunger, and thankfulness, as well as the current situation in Haiti. We had a big dish of brown rice, which we ate plain while we read and discussed pages about Haiti in our "Window on the World" book. After reading that the country produces sugar and coffee, Mitch told the kids that they could add sugar and milk to their rice, so we had a simple rice pudding for dessert. We discussed hunger and advised our children, for that night, if they felt hungry to pray for people who were truly hungry. This helped me to see that my typical late night snacking is not at all from hunger, and was more helpful than many other attempts to break that habit.
       The next day, my son who still thinks I can do anything asked me "Did you make them talk about Haiti on the radio because we talked about them last night?" No, but I did spark his interest in that country's needs.


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