When I Was A Child

…I thought chess pie was cheese pie. I knew nothing of chess, and cheese was another of my favorite foods. Not to be confused with cheesecake, a later favorite.
…I thought that preachers didn’t sin and doctors knew everything.
…I thought everyone would believe in God before they died, and would go to heaven.
        Now, things are not all as I thought they were, when I was a child, but God’s Word does tell us to come to Him like a child. Then, and now, I believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word- 100% true.
        I believe God our heavenly Father created the earth and everything in it. I believe that He gives every one of us a choice, and when the first man and woman He created sinned, the future of the world changed. I believe He knew then, just as He knows now the choices we make before we make them. I believe He sent His son Jesus who bore the burden of our sin, died for us, and rose again- all for us. I believe because of Jesus Christ my Savior I will be in heaven one wonderful day. But I know better now than to think everyone will be. It is our responsibility to share about God’s love for us with people who don’t know Him. I read a blog recently about being a missionary where you are. I’ve never been on a foreign mission trip, but I pray to share God’s love with those I do come in contact with each day.
When I was a child, I believed as a child…
What do you believe?

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