spiced tea

spiced tea recipe

            My Mom taught my sisters and me how to make spiced tea from a recipe book that had been a gift from her nursing instructors. My own kids enjoy mixing up the dry ingredients to make cocoa, but every year my sisters and I mix up spiced tea. We gave jars of it to teachers when we were little. Now friends ask for it. To me, it’s like comfort food when I am sick. When we were young and really feeling bad, my Dad would chop an orange or satsuma or even grapefruit, and add the fresh citrus to the hot drink. I still like it best that way. It’s about time to go shopping for these ingredients- we usually make it when all the family is together for Thanksgiving, after the dishes are cleaned.

½ c. instant tea (plain)
2 c. instant Tang
1 c. lemonade mix
2 T cinnamon
1/2 T cloves
2- 2 ½ c. sugar
Mix dry ingredients well.
 (Taste a sample in hot water and add more sugar if needed)
Add 2-3 heaping spoonfuls to hot water and enjoy!
Store in air tight container.

spiced tea


  1. This sounds like the recipe I used to make with my grandmother when I was little!! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be making it with the kids this week!

  2. First tasted this tea when I was learning how to do stained glass many years ago. The instructor had a cozy studio and always had this tea for us. I think I enjoyed the tea as much as doing stained glass!


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