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The following is a review of Easy Grammar Ultimate Series: Grade 11 from Easy Grammar Systems with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 

We received both the Teacher Edition of the lesson book and the smaller book with assessments and answers. 

Now that we are down to only one student in our homeschool, I no longer need curriculum that works for everyone. For high school, my son is getting a completely individualized plan that works specifically for him. I know his likes, his dislikes, his strengths, and his weaknesses. This method of teaching grammar is working for him, and I plan to continue with it as long as it works. The format has him completing just one page a day except for the days that he also does assessments. This simple and consistent plan has kept him from getting frustrated, even when something new is presented. 

The Teacher Edition which we received is not an instruction booklet for teaching, instead it contains both the complete student lessons and the answer keys for each daily lesson. Permission is granted to copy the daily lessons, and we did this by easily tearing out the pages from the cover. The answers are all in order in the back of the book. 

My son completed a page each day. I graded the pages and discussed with him anything he missed. Because the information is presented in a cyclical manner, each concept is repeated, so he can address again anything missed. Although some explanations are given, complete lessons are no built into each problem. These lessons assume that students already have some understanding of the content covered.
Easy Grammar Ultimate Series (Grades 8-12+) provides daily teaching by following the same format as Daily GRAMS. The 180 lessons provide high-school students with continued learning and application in daily, 10-minute lessons and have been designed cyclically. This allows students more class time for literature and writing.”

Specifically what works: it is easily portable. As much of our homeschool is not at home, have the five pages he needs to complete in his folder makes it simple to grab and go. It’s repetitive. For the topics he needs more practice with, that is built in. For things he does well, the quick success is rewarding. 

There is a short explanation when new things (participial phrases, direct objects, and indirect objects for example) are briefly explained. An example is provided then the activities use the new knowledge as explained. 

The answers vary in format from crossing out and replacing capital letters, filling in the blank with part of speech, tense, or even code symbols corresponding to answers, and each page ends with a sentence combining activity requiring the student to write out the complete answer. For neatness, I ended up asking him to continue writing below the lines provided for answers as his writing rarely could all fit in the spaces provided. 

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