Our House and a Cherry on Top

Cue the music

“Our House... in the middle of the street.” Our house is down a long gravel driveway at the end of a long gravel road, but when I was little, our house was in the middle of the street. My daughter recently shared her Spotify account with me, and that’s one of the songs I added to my mommiejenn playlist. I remember singing it (loudly and off key) with my sisters. 

“Our house... is a very very very fine house.” Especially when we have ice cream! Today was work followed by a visit to the dentist for me. It was a tiring day for my college kid. My son spent the day with my parents and our oldest daughter is still around the world.  I remembered my husband recently mentioning how much he liked banana splits, and when I saw our favorite brand of ice cream on sale at the grocery store, the banana split plan was in motion.

I’ve been emotional lately. Childhood memories are further and further in my past, but many things are bringing back memories. When I drove my daughter to Houston last week, I noticed so many changes... just more evidence of time passing. I was her age when I lived there. When we hugged the kids tonight, my husband brought up how we all slept in this room when the house wasn’t yet complete... and we blinked.

But tonight, we enjoyed delicious banana splits with pineapple and whipped cream, and those who wanted them had cherries on top.

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