American History from a Christian Perspective

The following is a review of Pathway to Liberty’s History Curriculum from Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 

We reviewed Pathway to Liberty’s US History, Year 3 Level 4. The set includes a student guide with reading passages and assignments, teacher guide with answers, The Chain of Liberty reader and question book. 

My daughters are taking American History in college this semester. It is the only class that they were able to schedule together. When planning our homeschool year, I thought it would be great to have my son study the same history as his older sisters, similar to our earlier homeschool years when they all learned together. Although our schedule still did not work out quite like I planned, it was nice to have us all on the same page, somewhat.

Required resources include the Webster’s 1828 dictionary which we were able to reference online. There are also multiple online videos built into the course. 

This curriculum is set up to be used four days a week which just happens to fit our current homeschool plans perfectly. The author included her book Chain of Liberty and recommended parents start preparing to teach her curriculum by first reading that book. Then the book and corresponding workbook are read and completed by the student, as well as the US history book. We chose to complete the questions verbally. I enjoyed the discussions with my son after reading the assignments. The pilgrims’ pastor John Robinson’s words are equally important today “He encouraged them to watch how they live and be vigilant of the condition of their heart before the Lord, to have peace with God and their consciences and live in peace with each other.” (Direct quote from teacher guide page 49.  

Reading Jayme Maccullough’s book The Chain of Liberty reminded me of my own Christian heritage  and lessons learned long ago in a Christian school. She presents truths about our nation’s Christian heritage in a way that is easy to read and understand. The principles that she defines are then referred to throughout the lessons.

The tool that best clarified this program for me is one page, printed double sided, titled the Principle Reasoning Chart. It was tucked inside my teacher guide. I referred to it so often that I probably should laminate it. This page identifies and defines the seven Biblical Principles which are the backbone of these lessons as well as the scriptural foundation and leading questions for each principle. 

  • The Principle of Individuality 
  • The Principle of Self-Government
  • The Principle of Christian Character 
  • The Seed Principle 
  • The Principle of Power and Form
  • The Principle of Property 
  • The Principle of Union 

The Study Guide has students answer important questions about the reading assignments such as “What is the importance of the constitution?” There are questions requiring specific answers as well as open-ended questions. “What do you believe liberty is worth?” Primary source documents are referenced and included in the text. The teacher guide provides questions and answers parallel to the student guide. I am enjoying this American history from a Christian perspective. 

If you are looking for a history curriculum with a Biblical world view, Pathway to Liberty may be what you are looking for. Visit the Crew blog to read more reviews (click the image below.) 

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