CrossWired Science Review

The following is a review of Sound, and Fluid Dynamics from  CrossWired Science with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 

We received one year access to CrossWired Science for this review. It is a brand new program and has been continuing to change and improve throughout our usage. The first two topics to be completed and used were Sound Dynamics and Fluid Dynamics. Each of those contain twenty-nine lessons!  This is an incredibly flexible resource as it can be used by very young children as well as high school students, depending on which features you choose. Each project lasts about two months (but access lasts for a year) and currently costs $22.95, but don’t miss the discount offer shared below. Four projects completed cover a year of science lessons. 
We started this review before it was actually released for 
sale, and this review process has been more like a beta test than a typical review. We have received repeated emails as they have perfected their science product. I am looking forward to seeing the flow of the completed curriculum as well. One thing I especially like is how it shows God revealed in even minute details. This was shared recently: 
“Through dozens of videos and activities, hundreds of links, nearly 100 experiments and many incredible pictorial journeys, you'll be led on a fabulous adventure of seeing God's power, love, intelligence and beauty. We are certain you'll be in awe of God and what He has done! The whole family can begin at the same time!”

As a complement to the videos and lessons presented online, there are additional resources recommended to increase students’ learning. Some of these resources are available online for free. I was thrilled that we already owned quite a few of the recommended books, so we were 
able to utilize what we had on hand in a completely different way.

I used CrossWired School with my son who is currently in the ninth grade. He was able to access the program through his laptop as well as watch some of the videos with me as we streamed them through our tv. His initial impression was doubtful as the first videos we watched were compilations of cartoon animations. Some of the narration is done in a child’s voice, so there is appeal for a large age range. As I read through the changes through emails from the company, we tried out different parts of the program. Since we knew that this is a "work in progress", I was able to try out different parts of the program to get a better feel for what is coming.

CrossWired Science is set up to be completed in units, but within those you can choose to approach it in different ways. For younger students, the video lessons introduce concepts. For older students, they have what are called Gold Digs. Students can read those worksheets first so they know what information to be prepared for. Then as they 
watch the videos and work through it, they will be able to 
answer the questions. These are not designed to be completed quickly, rather over time each concept is attacked repeatedly to lock in their knowledge. The additional supplemental work meets high school science requirements. They even suggest that there is plenty of content for an AP student! 

If you use my affiliate code/the coupon code glimpse_life when you place your order, it will give you a $5.00 discount. I primarily recommend this resource for elementary students. 

Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {CrossWired Science Reviews}

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