Paint Your Own Starry Night

The following is a review of Master Kitz The Starry Night from Kidzaw.com with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew.  

My son and oldest daughter did these paintings together using the contents of Kidzaw’s The Starry Night kit.

For this review, we received their Van Gogh kit through Amazon. The kit arrived in a reusable tote box with a built in handle. It included complete instructions and supplies to make two paintings. Paper plates, paper towels, and water for cleaning up were the only mandatory required extras. Additional paint was a personal preference, and if they choose to do more, they will also need more paper. 

Pictured above, my son carefully  
applied his low-tack 
"Mesmerizing Stars" stickers 
to his paper before 
beginning to paint. 

Our Van Gogh inspired Master Kitz The Starry Night Kit included instructions and a bit of art history as well as the storage box with magnetic closure, blue, white, and black acrylic paints, chalk pastels (our box had white, blue, yellow, and marigold colors, original Van Gogh roller specially designed to replicate Van Gogh’s active stroke, Starry Night stencil, standard paint roller, two pieces of deluxe art paper, and one low tack “Mesmerizing Stars” sticker sheet with six star stickers. The acrylic and oil pastels are all labeled “child friendly.”

The non-consumable parts of the kit and the handy “tool box” have already been added to Grandmommie’s art loft to use with future projects. 

My daughter enjoyed using the 
patterned Van Gogh paint roller, 
pictured above.

With my return to work, our homeschool has changed yet again. My son does more of his schoolwork outside with my husband when they are both home. My daughter called this a messy painting activity. Thankfully my husband agreed that the kids could paint in his shop. He said they could get paint on his workbench instead of in our house. 

There were six star stickers included. My daughter pointed out that the number of steps required before removing stickers makes it difficult for two paintings to be completed simultaneously. She and her brother solved this by using 3 stars each. Additional stars can be painted on top of the picture, too, with different depth. This would have been a great point to incorporate an astronomy lesson. 

The main components including the stencil (pictured above in use) and the paint rollers and stencils can be used) over and over; paint and pastels would need to be replenished. 

My daughter added additional layers of color to her painting with a set of twelve pastels that she already had. My son found the supplies provided in the kit to be sufficient. 

Adding yellow to the stars was my son's next step.

My daughter's completed painting

I love how my kids were able to open this kit and complete this project together from start to finish in one evening. That they did it in my husband's workshop under our own starry night sky just added to the cool factor. What neat family time this provided as they laughed and created together. They had fun working side by side and ended up with two masterpieces which reflected their own styles as well as that of the inspiring artist. The kit provided us with meaningful fun, and my kids really enjoyed using it. 

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