In the Morning

Our morning routine has changed. 

The children have grown, only one remains in our homeschool. 

This semester my daughter started college; in January her sister will join her. I recently returned to work. As my home health schedule fills up, the Tuesday morning college commute will include me. For now, that is daddy daughter time. My husband, too, cherishes this season. 

Today I quickly passed them cups of fresh juice as they hurried out the door with slightly burnt Eggos. My husband told me there is a opossum under the back porch. Burnt food and opossum both remind me that there are things even close to home beyond my control. 

They drove off, three times today to return the cat that insisted on following my daughter down the long driveway and then one last time to run inside and retrieve a necessary device. I’m swinging on our front porch now. This early it’s cool enough to enjoy being outside. It is not cold, but I’m wrapped in the green blanket I’ve had since I was a freshman in college. The dogs both abandoned their impossible opossum watch and joined me on the front porch. 

The air is full of sounds and heavy with humidity. The grass is a vivid green. Unidentified fushia colored blooms are unfolding from a neglected flower pot on the corner of the porch. 

The verses I read this morning reminded me to be thankful. I am. So much. 

It’s time to go back in. The next two will be up and ready for juice soon. One more will head to work. My son will continue algebra. Our days are never the same, but this is my morning routine. 

It’s a beautiful day! 

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