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The following is a review of GrammarPlanet from Analytical Grammar with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 

The online GrammarPlanet program is an innovative way to present grammar. Upon signing up, you are given a parent/teacher account which shows your student’s progress as well as the ability to move them back if they do not completely grasp a section the first time. Student accounts each have a different log-in. 
The program includes handouts which can be saved online or printed, video lessons, and labeling online activities in which students demonstrate knowledge (or lack of understanding) of the material covered. The handouts are a colorfully illustrated summary of the video lessons, and can be combined in a binder for a great grammar resource. The videos can be watched again and again. 

We have been reviewing the brand new online program from GrammarPlanet for nearly two months. As we began using it, we were more like beta testers, but changes were quickly made and our review accounts are now what paid users also experience. 

Because of the changes needed initially, my son did not enjoy the program after about six lessons. The company was incredibly quick responding to concerns from the review crew as a whole, and it is now customer ready. During the transition time, because of his frustration with it, I had my son stop using it. I have a second student account in my own name, and I worked through it up to his level to see how I could help him. As the program was revised, it just continued to improve. He started where he left off and is continuing still.  


When parts of speech are correctly labeled, all answers appear green. When incorrect, red boxes reflect the incorrect attempt with the correct answer visible in green. 

The program assumes the student has some basic grammar skills but starts simply with identifying nouns. Proper nouns then articles and adjectives are added in the first three units. It isn’t expected that a student complete a unit per day, instead that they consistently spend about fifteen minutes with the program at least three times a week. My son was able to easily follow that recommended pace. Other crew friends have shared that in lesson six students begin to diagram sentences. 

Most things are identified and labeled as I expected, following traditional English grammar rules. They do add their own method for multiple words in a series by using what they call wings to different between first, middle, and last words in the series. This led to increased mistakes at first, and when a student makes too many mistakes they are then “locked out” of the program until the parent unlocks it from their administrative account. This gives the parent a great opportunity to discuss mistakes and be sure the student understands it correctly. 

Although the review period is over, my son will be continuing with the recommended three lessons per week. Try it out, there is a free version! 

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