Milton Hershey

The following is a review of Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate from YWAM Publishing with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew.  

In addition to the book about Milton Hershey, we received a download of the corresponding comprehensive study guide. A Homeschool Guide includes extensive suggestions for incorporating the Heroes of History books in history lessons, social events, language arts, writing skills, as read-alouds, a timeline of the biographies, and parent-directed as well as student directed study guides. The unit study includes quotes and related questions as well as outside links. Six chapter questions for each chapter include some for older and younger students. 

An excuse to eat chocolate while studying? Yes, please! Hershey's kisses are pictured throughout the pages of the unit study adding to our chocolate craving. We found an assorted bag of Hershey bars instead which seemed the perfect accompaniment to this book and unit study which even suggested eating Hershey's candy. 

Milton Hershey grew up in a Mennonite family. His early  childhood was during the Civil War. Milton's family's description of his as a dreamer reminded me of the Kenny Roger's song that alluded to that being perceived as a bad thing. They actually called him a failed dreamer! But dreamers like him have helped build our nation, and his dreams grew into reality as he built a city and expanded even beyond his home country and a business that outlived him. Obviously he didn't treat others the was his family had treated him. 

“One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy.” —Milton Hershey 

His Aunt Mattie did offer him some great advice:
“Start your own small business, learn from your mistakes, and find a niche that no one else is filling. That’s how you’ll get ahead.”
We discussed the similarities and differences of Hershey's business to both our family business and direct sale businesses that we have been involved in. We also discussed ideas for new businesses. Not all of the advice that Milton Hershey received was good advice, but he learned from problems, too. 

Vocabulary words from the story were more fun than the book my son has been studying all year. Supplement, perpetually, prognosis, and dignitaries made sense when learned in context with the story. 

We have never visited Pennsylvania, but the study guide suggested researching that state as well as chocolate and manufacturing. We ate more Hershey's in syrup form on ice cream and chocolate milk and watched a movie set in Pennsylvania. 

Janet and Geoff Benge have written this entire Heroes of History series which also included this story about Alan Shepard which my son especially enjoyed reading. They also wrote the Christian Heroes Then and Now series including this one about Daniel Boone,  

These are great books for any family, in my opinion. Their unit studies even include classroom versions. The biographies from YWAM Publishing are also available as eBooks and audio books. Pick up a copy for your family, grab some Hershey bars, and read together about the man behind that familiar delicious candy. I just wish we could tour the Hershey factory, too. 

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