We've been sick so long I've been telling friends our house is now Miller Infirmary.
Housework is so far behind if this really were an infirmary we'd lose our license for sure.

Mess motivates me. Usually. But not today. Not this week.
Illness changes my motivation.
My focus now is my family's health.

My husband who has been the sickest of all needs to drink more, so I watch the clock and bring him something to drink every hour. "Drink it all." He complies and then returns to sleep.

My daughter, also sick, has her make-up date for the ACT scheduled tomorrow. She has been motivated to study and was ready the first time before snow cancelled every plan in the southern half of our state. Now, I just want her completely well.

Motivation changes with circumstances.

Hopefully, next week I'll be more motivated to clean.

I set my timer to five minutes and typed. It's been a while since I have joined Five Minute Friday link-up. I hope your Friday is healthier than ours!



  1. Hope you all recover quickly in the Miller household. My husband and I are also afflicted and gathering our strength for the next run to the pharmacy!

    1. Oh Tish, I wish you had someone to do that for you! I've been the one shuffling everyone to dr appointments and going to the pharmacy, store for more juice, etc. I think the fresh air on those almost daily trips to town has helped me; hopefully it will help you, too.

  2. My friday isnt healthy at all. Get well eh!

  3. Hope everyone is feeling so much better by next week. So very hard when the whole house is ill!

    Side note - I, too, am very motivated by mess:)

  4. Hope everyone gets better soon, Jennifer! Wishing your daughter good luck on her testing. Best wishes! - Lori

  5. I hope you're on the mend. No fun. Thankfully they are in good hand with you taking care of them. :) PS - I'm your neighbor to the left. ;)


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