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A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. Like a gold ring or an ornament of gold is a wise reprover to a listening ear. Like the cold of snow in the time of harvest is a faithful messenger to those who send him; he refreshes the soul of his masters. Proverbs 25:11-13 

     They've called it the Louisiana blizzard of 2018. For us, it meant cancelled events and more family time for the part of our family that is home. (Three are in Nicaragua sharing about the sweet love of Jesus.) And for me, this was the first time to see powdery snow instead of the icy slush we've gotten in years past. We built snowmen, ate snow, ran and kicked it, and enjoyed the novelty as our plans were momentarily cancelled. Our electricity went out. My son and my dad arrived back from the deer camp just in time to bring us a hot meal and start a fire in my parents' wood stove. My daughter and I (and her oldest cat) went there for the night and read books by flashlight. The ACT was postponed, and we drove around and looked at other snowmen and snow covered beauty. I'm thankful for that extra time just to enjoy the wonder of snow with people I love. It has been refreshing indeed. 

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Scripture and Snapshot

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  1. Jennifer, there is nothing like a good snow storm to slow us down and get us to enjoy the moment. May you have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Here in New England we think of December snow as Christmas snow! It's magical. It sounds like you enjoyed it!

  3. So happy to hear you were able to enjoy some snow - something we get to experience most of the year! Seriously, we saw snowflakes spitting from the sky one afternoon in August this year! Sounds crazy, but we love it! Always reminds me that God has made my sins white as snow.

  4. On the rare occasion when we get a December snowstorm, it pretty much shuts our city down. Suddenly, "all is calm, all is bright" just as it should be!

  5. So sweet that the unusual snow experience brought so much joy to your family! Snow isn't as rare here, but I try to focus on the beauty and wonder of it rather than the inconvenience.

  6. A break from the norm is usually a blessing and it seems you guys made the most of yours. :)

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles


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