We Dug A Hole

There are some things on the farm that I'm happy for my husband to take over and me to have no part of. He doesn't have to be asked, he just does. Just how much he does has become even more apparent with him not here. He and the kids drove north to spend a little time with his parents and maybe even talk them into coming back home with him. In the meantime, feeding the animals (primarily done by him and my middle child) has become my temporary twice a day responsibility. We have a lot of animals, and they each have their own personalities and preferences. For instance the cats each have certain spots where they prefer to eat. 

One routine, as we feed the horse, our part sheep-dog Sandy has herded the horse since we got him. All week she has heard me filling the horse's bucket with food and run ahead of me as I walked to Dusty's pen. This morning I wasn't too concerned when I didn't see Sandy eating after I filled her bowl, but when she didn't join me to feed the horse I just knew something was wrong. I walked around the house to see if she was in one of her favorite spots underneath the front porch swing. Instead, I saw her in the front yard. 

Today, my mom helped me bury my dog. In dog years, she was 91. I miss my Sandy girl. 


  1. I'm sorry for your lost. Our animals are part of our family and its hard to say goodbye to them.

  2. I'm so sorry Jennifer.


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