August and September Glimpses

Emily and Joseph are selling RADA Cutlery for a 4H fundraiser. If you order through this link, it supports our entire Amite County 4H: https://www.helpourfundraiser.com our login is 507334, and our password is amite4h , and it will be shipped directly to you. Please message me if you do order direct ship so we can send you a thank you note. 

We received a thank you from a vendor--- an exciting box from Rush Revere!!! 

Heather came up with a creative way to involve little girls in dresses she makes for them:

Happy birthday!! You'll always be my baby! 

Did you look for crescent shaped light between leaf shadows during the eclipse? That was a fun an educational day, a nice change of pace.  

In the Cuts By Laser shop we are making some new embroidered ornaments. Lightning hit the laser when it hit our modem, by my birthday girl and her Pappy have been working hard to get it running again. 

Homemade ravioli

Her first college tour! 

The girls and I went to a ladies retreat, and Em got to meet Laura Story who led us in worship. Allison Allen was the encouraging speaker. 

Grease Money, more sweetly dubbed Lizzy instead of Greasy, died. No matter how old they get, my kids' tears make me cry. 

Circumstances aren't always what we want, what we plan...I remind myself of the verse about God providing our needs, that it specifically says needs and not wants. 

And sometimes, my husband completely surprises me. These beautiful roses remind me of our wedding. 

We got to see the movie All Saints at the theatre. I shared previews about it on my blog, but seeing it-- wow! The true story behind this church that becomes a community is amazing. It is the story of races and generations, of people coming together as a church beyond the building.

The girls enjoyed another day of the annual PlayDat practice then performance with the combined community and Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra concert. A friend joined them for the first time this year, and we picnicked and visited with the her family during the practice. Of course, the trip to New Orleans required a stop at Cafe Du Monde. 

On the way home from Beta Club induction, we planned a typical meal, something easy to throw together when we got home. Three packages of frozen pre-made ravioli boiled in about 6 quarts of homemade chicken broth already made in the IP and topped with generous sprinkles of my favorite "Everyday Seasoning" from Trader Joe's made a huge pot full. Everybody liked it. (Yay! Happy family! Insert balloons and confetti.) Late at night the kids and my husband usually take turns putting up leftovers. The next day, more road-running was left to my husband who came home from work early to take two of our kids to shooting sports practice. At nearly 3:30, my oldest daughter and I had still not stopped for lunch, and I suggested leftover noodles. She giggled and told me there were none left. None! I was shocked! I cook big, and there are certainly times we don't have leftovers, but that was a huge pot of food. Let me brag on my kiddos with the next picture of them with their new Beta pins but point out their difference so visible here. There are over five years of difference in the ages of these two, and the oldest one is not the tallest one. So, moms of growing boys, please tell me how you keep their ever growing stomachs full. 

I used to write down quotes that I liked from books I read. Now my reading is on my kindle, more often than not, so I highlight and take screenshots to remember them.

My daughter made lipgloss! The first container she gave me (not pictured) was colored with hibiscus. These have a light lavender scent. They both feel amazing and stay on my lips! 

Reviews in August included this delicious Everyday Cooking cookbook, two family friendly movies, our family's favorite algebra book, other TOS Homeschool Review Crew reviews, and these two New Leaf Press reviews. In September I shared a Dayspring Christmas Preview and our favorite review was Captain Bayley's Heir

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  1. What a great update . How does one make lip gloss?

    1. I'll have to ask her for the link and share it with you. I know shea butter and coconut oil were the primary ingredients. She often finds and tries making new things like this, and then we get to try them. :)

  2. A lot of really neat things going on! I like Heather's idea for letting the girls have a say in designing their dresses. Your comment about growing boys and their stomachs made me laugh - I really started the understand the saying about being eaten out of house and home when I had three teenage and young adult boys here!! Now I'm down to two young men, but they always seem to have friends coming over, and those boys can pack away some food! o.O LOL

    1. Three at a time Kym!!! So what are your secrets to giving them filling food? He likes to cook, which does help, but I want him eating more healthy food than junk food, too.

  3. Love 4-H Shooting sports :) Is that a longbow she's using? Do you do that in your 4-H? Echoing the amazement of filling teenage bellies!! My daughter actually is 17 and eats about 5 meals a day...and my big 15 yr old son eats eats eats...my 13 yr old, this time of year, is in her glory, able to snack out of the garden all day long :)

    1. It is a bare recurve bow, and yes she uses that one in 4H, too. One of the girls in our group made it to nationals last year with her recurve. Snacks from the garden! Yummy!

  4. Life at its best - busy with good things and filled with family. Lovely. - Lori


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