Dayspring Christmas Preview

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It's time for Dayspring's annual Christmas Preview! Christmas is my favorite holiday, I'm so excited to share these lovely things that highlight our Savior.

Our family traditionally puts our Christmas tree up and begins to decorate on Thanksgiving weekend. First, we display a nativity depicting the meaning of Christmas. Then everything else follows. Dayspring has a new nativity ornament that depicts the nativity in such a lovely way. It has a sort of folk art design.

Take a look for yourself. There are little details that I like in so many of them. 

Do you send Christmas cards? Sometimes those are the only greetings we exchange all year with distant friends and relatives. I love reading their updates, and we display all of the cards we receive. When we plan which cards to send, I look as closely at the words on the inside as I do at the pictures on the outside. I like the true meaning of Christmas to be clear and to share that throughout the season. 

They even have an OCC card set! You know I love this! 

My son likes to count-down. He listens to the early morning show on our local Christian radio station and then he quizzes us throughout the day with the trivia he hears. "Do you know how many days are left until Christmas?" is one of his frequent questions. With this chalkboard sign, we can all keep up with the correct answer. 

There is something comforting about candlelight. The peaceful glow when other lights are out and Christmas music is playing softly is so calm. These hurricane lanterns are beautiful. We lit a candle inside one the very first day we opened the box, just to see. The candle light shines through the stars and casts star-shaped lights throughout the room. Unlike traditional hurricane lanterns, these are each one piece, so you do not remove the large cylinder to light the candle inside. I recommend using either long fireplace matches or a long lighter. Each one depicts a scene from the Christmas story on both the front and back, cut out of the metal. One side describes the scene and the other shares a related Scripture reference. 

These are going to be so lovely on our piano. I may just have to begin decorating for Christmas early this year. 

We decorate doors to class rooms a lot, not just for VBS at our Church. My husband and I teach the college/career age Sunday School class with another couple. I think this will be perfect festive decoration for the door to our classroom. This preview has me ready to decorate for Christmas now! 

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