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The following is a review of Everyday Cooking from Everyday Homemaking with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 
When I was a little girl, my grandmother's church cookbook was one of my favorite cookbooks. So many recipes that she and my mom cooked were in there. Delicious! But what I most enjoyed reading were the helpful hints, things like how to remove almost any stain. Vicki Bentley's cookbook is in ways like that much loved cookbook of my grandmother's, but it is at least twice as large. Every recipe that I have tried has been enjoyed by my family, but my favorite parts are her helpful hints. 

This book is filled with tips that the author first shared with her daughters. She is also a homeschool mom, and this started as a Home Education 101 course for her girls. It reads like hints shared with a loved one, too. I'm continuing to learn from her shared wisdom and applied it to our family meal plan this week.

On a hot day, our family can easily drink more than a gallon of iced sweet tea. In the Timesaving Tips, Vicki's make-ahead recipe for Iced Tea Concentrate stored in quart jars (page 19) was just what we needed to quickly replenish our favorite refreshment. It is a helpful idea that I had never heard of before.

The download can be saved as an ebook and/or printed. I saved ours in iBooks on the iPad, however it does not include interactive links. Printed on full sheets of paper, it is nearly 200 pages. It is available for purchase printed or as a download.  

Blueberries, honey, and fresh eggs all from our farm combined to make the perfect recipe. My daughter thought blueberry cake for breakfast was delicious both the day I made it and the next day. I completely agree! Bekah's Blueberry Buckle has a thick crumb topping. 

The waffle recipe was perfect for a weekend breakfast with enough leftovers for reheating. We used a combination of fresh ground wheat flour and white flour in the waffles. 

The recipes in this book are described by the author as "easy-to-prepare, nutritious, budget-friendly meals for families." Yes, please! 

Some recipes include italicized ingredients indicating that a recipe for that ingredient is also somewhere in the book. 

The author noted "while the emphasis is on whole foods cooking, we are not purists, and you’ll find our favorite Jello salad recipe, etc. We do try to avoid white sugar and white flour and I give substitutions throughout the book. As a mom of eight and foster mom of fifty, I didn’t have a lot of time for fancy cooking—just healthy, simple, tasty dishes."

This week, Vicki Bentley shared a special offer that I get to share with you! This book is available to the general public in e-book format ($15.99) as well as print version ($19.99). "I am offering 10% off The Everyday Family Chore System and/or Everyday Cooking (print or e-book) through Labor Day! The code for your readers is TOS10books --they can apply it to as many books in their cart as they'd like, but they do need to shop first, apply the 10% discount code last. (Sorry -- eccentric cart function) Expires Sept 5." 

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  1. Yep, we're big tea drinkers, too! Glad that tip helped. :) Check out color photos of many of the dishes in the Food album at our FB page too. Thanks so much for reviewing the cookbook!

    1. We are thoroughly enjoying it. Thank you for the opportunity!


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