Weighted Pen Review

When I took my daughter to her orthodontist appointment Tuesday, I noticed that the receptionist there had a tremor. She told me she used to work in the back but had to change her job as it became noticible to patients. I smiled back at her (she always welcomes us with a big smile) and agreed that holding sharp tools inside someone's mouth isn't an ideal job when you have a tremor. She adapted by changing jobs. I also have a tremor. Most of the time it is not very noticeable, but there are times that it affects simple things for me such as my handwriting. Part of my job as a pediatric Occupational Therapist is handwriting. I've turned it into what works for me at times with the kids I work with demonstrating the difference between neat and legible.

This Heavyweight Pen from The Pencil Grip is perfect for helping me to write more smoothly. As an OT, a frequent recommendation for tremor help is additional weight, not enough to cause fatigue, but just enough to help gently calm the shakiness. Light weight wristbands are helpful as are weighted utensils and devices like this pen. This has their Classic The Pencil Grip (The number one recommended ergonomic writing aid!) already built into the large barrel pen. It writes smoothly and just as intended helps me to write more clearly. 

If you have a tremor, I recommend you give The Heavyweight Pen a try. If you don't have a tremor, check out all of their other products. My kids have especially enjoyed being creative with their Kwik Stix. 

Disclosure: This weighted pen was provided by The Pencil Grip Company for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own. Links are shared for products from The Pencil Grip Company.

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