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Vacation and travel

We love to travel! Drop me off at a beach and I'll be content as soon as I sink my toes in the sand. The Ozarks in the fall when the leaves are changing to more colors than we ever see on our Louisiana evergreens is so beautiful. Natural waterfalls are among my favorite things. And I love sharing all these wonderful places with my family. Vacations are typically combined with work trips or trips to see extended family, that's just the stage we are in. So it only makes sense to combine them with homeschool lessons, too

We typically meet my inlaws in the fall, but one memorable year we changed up our plans and visited places none of us had seen before. We toured places we had read about in Lityle House on the Prairie books, sat on the world's longest swing, walked around Devil's Tower, visited Mt. Rushmore, and watched the annual buffalo roundup. Combined with a wedding in Florida the next month, we visited 14 states that year! Another year we joined friends on a mission trip to Virginia. While there, we fit in two super rushed trips to Arlington cemetery and a few highlights in our nations capital.

None of these trips were purposefully planned as "field trips" but each place had something educational for all of us. We've found junior ranger programs at national parks and educational handouts for teachers at private museums. Anything you do, any place you go can be educational, even without traveling far from home. But travel adds to the excitement!

How can you make a family trip educational? Think of opportunities in different ways. Look at exhibits from your child's perspective. Purposefully plan to go somewhere that features one of their interests. Don't rush!

This Field Trip Journal and these scrapbooks are two ways our kids have recorded some of these special days.

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  1. We love using a Field Trip Journal on our outings or vacations! The kid love finding new things, and I love using it as learning as much as I can!

    1. It brings life to lessons to add hands on events. Always fun!


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