Homeschool Lessons in Dad's Workshop

We moved back to our family farm and my husband built our house when our oldest daughter was in kindergarten. Learning beside him has been a lifelong habit for all three of our children. He also repairs lawn mowers, and I have a precious memory of my son when he was very young working on his toy tractor just like his daddy. Hands-on learning from someone who understands and enjoys what they are teaching is my preferred learning style. Around the farm, my kids have so many opportunities to learn. Watching them learn from their dad as they work on projects together simply builds my joy. 

My daughter wanted a Hope Chest made by her daddy. He decide instead to build one with her, and taught her how to make dovetail joints and use power tools as they built it. I benefited from their practice as I now have two lovely shelves in my bathroom. 

My son got to review a course about engine repair. His daddy helped him clean the old greasy engine so he could learn. Watching his joy as he learned about engines in the same shop that my husband was rebuilding my Powpow's old tractor was again just priceless. 

Share what you love with your children! 

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