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With the change from keyboards to cell phones, iPads and iPods, we all need more typing practice at my house. I had my daughter to try The Typing Coach Online Typing Course created by The Typing Coach

My middle daughter reviewed this course with me. When my daughter first started The Typing Coach typing program, she watched a thirty minute course introduction tutorial on getting started and read accompanying downloaded articles. Lessons are designed to be completed one lesson per week over ten weeks with at least twenty minutes of daily practice. We received a one-year subscription.  

Requirements: Microsoft Word or another word processing program is needed for the lessons as well as a printer to print the student packet of typing assignments to read as you type as well as the tests. My daughter used WordPad on her laptop. Adobe flash player is required for the audio clips. We ended up signing on through my computer which had more updated programs while she did the actual typing on her laptop. 

Her review input: "At the beginning it walks you through all of the steps to use the course, thoroughly explaining each step." The actual lessons started with top row, number row, etc as is typical for most beginner typing lessons. My daughter commented that it felt like the program was designed for a younger student. 

In retrospect, I should have set up these lessons for her little brother who has not had as much typing experience as her instead of just hoping she would increase her typing speed by using it. I think he would have used the program more often and more willingly than she did, though that was not clear until she tried it for herself. 

It's set up in a very organized way. Checkboxes (a newer feature that wasn't there when my daughter first started six weeks ago) help to see exactly what the student has done. Students can check off what they complete. 

Lessons are designed to be completed in order and cover:

* Course Introduction
* Slower Paced Lessons
* The Practice and Testing Center
* Before and After Snapshot
* Having Good Posture
* Home Row
* Top Row
* Bottom Row
* Shift Keys
* Typing Practices
* Number Row
* Serious Practicing
* The Final Assessment 
* Conclusion 
* Course Evaluation and Feedback 

One of the first lessons was typing The Gettysburg Address which my daughter had previously memorized so there was familiarity with the lesson. I was happy that good posture was addressed. Our family as a whole tends to do more laptop work lounging in the living room instead of consistently seated properly at a table. The serious practicing component required the student to complete the four practice tests repeatedly until done error free including not looking at the keyboard. 

She listened to audio and watched video portions from her iPod and used her laptop for the actual typing components. Unfortunately our modem was fried by lightning twice during this six week trial, and was slow even after repaired, so we didn't experience the audio components working clearly after the first two weeks of using the program. 

There are built in time limits including tests only allowed once in a two day period, I assume so that the student will then practice what they missed. 

There is also a "teacher resource center" which helps parents and teachers guide students through The Typing Coach lessons. The course is designed for kids 12 and older to complete independently with occasional assistance as needed. Slower paced directions are included for younger students. Incentive charts and "typing tickets" rewards are also available to print if that is motivating to your student. 

Who doesn't want to improve their typing speed? Of course we do! The Typing Coach may be just what you are looking for. 

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