Creating a Masterpiece

     As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, we have been reviewing the online art lessons of Creating A Masterpiece. We are now about six weeks into our six months of their Monthly Plan.

Creating a Masterpiece

     When we first heard of this review opportunity, my kids and I all tried out the sample lesson. You can, too, just by signing up on their website! At first we used supplies we had on hand, but after someone colored their hair with our chalk some of our color choices were lacking. I found similar supplies to those recommended on the Creating A Masterpiece website when we shopped at hobby stores, but the website conveniently offers direct links to purchase the exact items online. Supplies needed for each project are listed on that project page. 

Lessons in Soft Pastel: Sample Project

Lesson Selections in the Online Art Studio

     When full access to the videos started, the kids first wanted to start the lessons in order. Later we picked favorites, but there are still so many we want to try. Projects are classified by level of difficulty from Beginners to Level 5. An additional Art in History level was recently added to the lessons available. 

     My children and I followed lesson plans from the Beginners, Level 2, and Level 4 selections. Though the projects increased in both difficulty and time required, the instructions were consistently easy to follow in all levels of the video tutorials. The African Sunset painting is one of the first Lessons in Watercolor selections. The kids learned how to create a tree by blowing through a straw to direct the paint on the watercolor paper. 

African Sunset

     The video lessons are taught by Sharon Hofer, a master artist. Each video begins with an introduction which features a selection of projects she has taught. Not all projects pictured are available in the lessons included, but selections have been added to and options are expanding. Some of the projects have multiple video lessons and can be completed over several weeks. All of us appreciated being able to pause and rewind the videos. We paused them a lot. Sometimes we re-watched entire videos and picked up new comments each time we viewed them. 

     My mom's cousin has peacocks on her farm. They are lovely majestic birds, and she gifted us with some of their beautiful feathers. We just had to try the Lessons in Ink: Peacock Feathers which was also a Beginners level project. In addition to following the video instructions, I arranged some of the real feathers to look at when I started my drawing. 

Peacock Feathers

     Emily declared that her colorful feathers (pictured below) must be from an exotic peacock. 

   The most recent completed masterpiece chosen by my daughters was called Puppy Love.  It is always interesting to me how differently the girls interpret instructions. They completed these two Puppy Love drawings (below) seated side by side, watching the instructional videos together.

Lessons in Watercolor Pencils: Puppy Love

     At times the pictures in the video aren't clear, such as some of the first steps of projects drawn with a light pencil. The lesson page includes pictures of those drawings to further clarify the instructions. Overall, we found the instructions to be easy to follow and the lessons enjoyable. 

     One of the things that first grabbed my interest about this program was how it was for artists of all ages such as the young girl pictured below. You can also find them on Facebook.

Creating a Masterpiece

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso


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  1. I love your Peacock Feather projects! Very beautiful!

    Sharon Hofer, Creating a Masterpiece

    1. Thank you! We are enjoying creating masterpieces with your lessons.


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