We Like Our School At Home

It's easy as we so quickly move through the day to day busy life to lose focus of the big picture. We homeschool. We like homeschooling. Some of the highlights:

  • Flexibility
This goes hand in hand with some of the other things I'll list. Being able to change things up both in our lessons and in our daily plans as we need to is a blessing. 
  • Schedule
This is a biggie. My daughter's last school picture from second grade (11 years ago!) shows her tired eyes clearly. The schedule when she rode the schoolbus started early, and she was fatigued. Our schedule now allows my kids to get adequate sleep. My eleventh grader shared that being able to do things at her own pace and spend as much time as she wants to on one subject at a time is something she appreciates, too. 
  • Food
Cooking our meals together has become an enjoyable part of our day.
  • Friends
  • Customization
Being able to make lessons for my kids specifically fit just what they need means no one else is getting an education just like them. 
  • Front porch
My kids often do their lessons in our front porch swing which just happens to be my favorite place.
  • Music
Is your house filled with music? Listening to my kids makes me smile.
  • This list doesn't end...


 The things we  LOVE about  Home  Schooling

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  1. ah flexibility... a good thing that! . Visiting from things we love roundup.


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