Over the Pond Bank and Around the Bend

Coffee is dripping now. Because of a gentle prompt from two different friends, my morning started with a walk. (I'm also joining Kela in the #write31days challenge.) 

The Fitbit smiled at me when I grabbed it before heading out the door. Now it shows my first meanderings covered less than one mile. 

I walked to the front of the farm. The chicken pen still reeks of skunk, but the air in the yard is now breathable. The mist was still rising from the pond when I left, though as I returned it had already completely vanished.

I walked through Granny and Powpow's house, turned on fans to move the air, dreamed of changes needed to make it habitable again. I miss them more than my words express. 

I walked on to the road to look at Granny's lilies in bloom. The silly puppy that has already been run over still hasn't learned to stay out of the road. I carried him back after he walked to close to the road for my comfort. I didn't think through him following me and our older dog that far. 

A friend's journey is taking her family across the world. I stopped by the shed and grabbed a box in which to send ornaments to her. I'll walk to the shop later today to make more ornaments and bookmarks. Will God's Word etched on a bookmark help draw someone closer to Him? 

Before going to the shop I have duties at home. Dishes need washing but my dear husband said he's cooking breakfast! I'm thankful he is home with us today. I'll start the eggs in the IP to make chicken salad for lunch. 

The coffee is ready and smells wonderful. Where will your walk take you today? 


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