Save Money With Groupon Coupons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

     Several years ago I first heard of Groupon Coupons when my best friend from college came home for a visit from North Carolina. I can't even remember the deal she grabbed then, but it has been on my radar since. Now I often see friends share their specials on Facebook. The current offers include quite a few that grab my interest. Click that link; you may even find offers for purchases you are already planning. 

     When my kids were smaller, we would have fun shopping at outlet stores. I noticed several of those stores in the list. Check them out if your kids haven't outgrown the small sizes, too. Carter's was one of our favorites.  When my mom traveled, she often brought back precious princess nightgowns for the girls from the Disney Store. Shopping of course includes myself and my husband, too. A special offer is a good reason for shopping, right? My personal picks are Coldwater Creek (20% off!) and Nordstrom. Coupons are available for online shopping as well as using in stores and restaurants. 

     Connect with Groupon Coupons on Facebook or Twitter. Have you ever used Groupon? Let me know if you try it for the very first time. It's free to use, so go look. You may thank me for an exclusive offer! 


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