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April showers bring May flowers. Rain here didn't wait for April. March was wet, wet, wet.

Kwik Stix are an innovative tool for painting with less mess. Moist tempera paint is compressed into a plastic tube and works similar to a tube of chapstick. As it is used, you just twist to push up more.

From an OT point of view, there are several benefits to using Kwik Stix when compared to standard paint. It is self contained, so there is no need for brushes or paint cups that could tip over and spill. Kids with less fine motor control will find these easier to use as a soft touch is all that is required to mark on paper. Reduced eye hand coordination will also be easier to work around when skipping the step of dipping a paint brush in paint. Children with tactile sensitivity will find the plastic tubes to be user friendly and possible less aversive than touching paint. But if they want to touch it, it is still less messy than wet paint.

Kwik Stix make great gifts. They’re no mess, fast drying tempera paints that are fun for children of all ages. And parents love them too! No smocks, no brushes, no cups, NO MESS. And, they dry in 90 seconds. It doesn’t get any better than that. You can even get a 96 pack bulk box!

These fast-drying solid tempera paint sticks make painting so much neater! I even let my son paint while sitting on the carpet. The colors are so vivid! 

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"Just uncap, twist, and paint." Kwik Stix work on multiple surfaces and don't require water.

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  1. Such cool products. Besides the Kwick Sticks I also really love their pencil grips!

  2. I like the 3 step pencil grip to help my son with writing.


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