After the Storm

Thunder rolled, lightning struck, and water rose. The ponds, rivers, and creeks around us overflowed. #TurnAroundDontDrown wasn't a joke as sections of the interstate were impassable with no detour. My garden turned into a mud pit. Not too far away from us, houses flooded. One friend's church flooded. Another friend shared pictures of her daughter's street submerged; she rescued her by boat. Things here are returning back to normal for us, though for those whose homes flooded, normal will have a new meaning. 

Tiny green sprouts are covering the still wet ground in my garden. I'm not sure yet if it's weeds or vegetables, but I'm hopeful. My daughter planted bulbs all around our yard a few weeks ago, and each new day we are delighted by more and more pops of color. I sat on my front porch swing yesterday morning and noticed purple under the arbor. As I walked over to explore the latest blooms, I found Joseph's cat Hiro there before me. 

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