Valentine's Day Chicken

The amazing sauce for this recipe was provided by Nello's Sauce. I'm a Nello's Mombassador. 

My girls and I have been enjoying trying out new recipes with all of the varieties of Nello's Sauce. This Valentine's Day Chicken featuring Nello's Lavender Pomodoro Sauce was a group effort, and it turned out delicious.

8 chicken thighs or 6 breasts, deboned
1/4 cup fajita seasoning
4 oz cream cheese
1 25 oz jar Nello's Piedmont Pomodoro Sauce 

We mixed a few flavors for this meal. Dry fajita seasoning sprinkled over the chicken was followed by 1/2 block of cream cheese cut and placed on each piece, and then it was all covered with 24 ounces of Lavender Nello's sauce. We sprinkled parmesan cheese over the sauce, covered the stoneware baker, and baked it for an hour at 350 degrees.

The chicken ended up tender enough to cut with a fork. The final sauce is a perfect mix of creamy and tomatoes served over noodles.

I asked my girls for help naming this chicken dish. Creamy baked chicken wasn't quite right. "Polly" one girl giggled as she answered what to call the chicken. Baked Polly-- would you eat that? So tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I'm enjoying this delicious meal with people I love. Valentine's Day chicken was a hit, and I'm sure it will be repeated as a family favorite many times before the holiday returns. 

Visit Nello's website for more delicious recipes featuring all of the Nello's sauce varieties.

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