Apparently us choosing to leave our tree up longer than I did as a child isn't so weird after all. Four days after Christmas, my kids helped my parents pack up all of their Christmas decorations. I just read that it is "proper" to leave your tree up until Epiphany. My kids actually laughed when I read that out loud, as ours just happened to fit a "proper" mold. It wasn't intentional. We had another "proper" discussion recently. Watching a holiday TV show with my parents, I turned to my daughter and seriously commented "there are people who actually live that way." Her very loud laughter was immediate. We don't know people like that. Snort. 

I did snort out loud while watching a movie with friends. I'm not sure anyone heard me, but I apologized anyway. We spent New Year's Eve with friends. After 9pm they offered anyone interested to watch the movie War Room. I've been wanting to see it so was happy for the opportunity. It was even better than I expected. The movie was primarily about prayer, but jumping rope was highlighted in the movie, too. I've been thinking of my sis a lot lately, and that brought previously forgotten memories of us jumping rope back to my mind. She was always better at it than me. 

This week we've got senior pictures planned for my oldest.

Is your homeschool back to your normal routine yet? We slowly eased back in with a few changes.

Are you aware of IEW's Twelve Days of Christmas Giving? Each morning, participants receive a link to free downloadable gifts. On day 12, they will have something even more special. It's all free, and a wonderful way to receive products, audio talks by Andrew Pudewa, and a whole lot of encouragement. IEW.com/Christmas15

Happy New Year! 


  1. Happy, happy New Year! I've been reflecting a lot lately, too. I loved War Room--wanting to find a space to make my own now.

    1. Even more than the room which is inspiring, too, I love the example of so much time and thought in the prayers shared. Powerful and effective!


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