Libre Tea Glass Infuser Review

Libre Tea shared their classic tea glass for this review. 

The Libre Tea Loose Leaf Tea Glass Infuser is an innovative way to enjoy hot tea that stays hot. Each of the infusers include a filter with rubber seal and separate lid as well as the insulated glass used for both brewing and drinking. 

If you've ever read the mom version of the give a mouse a cookie story, you get a pretty clear picture of just how my big cup of coffee or hot tea gets cold before I drink it. This insulated glass is perfect for me because in it, my tea stays hot

Using the Libra Tea glass is easy. I just brewed my loose tea right in it after viewing the demonstration video they shared. Caution was recommended because of the steam. 

I also tried it with the loose tea above the filter. The sealed glass was simply inverted while the tea brewed using that method. 

The style I reviewed even fits in my car's cup holder, and the hot tea stayed hot for my journey! 

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