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Udderly Smooth products were provided for this Mini Spa Girl Time post.

After almost a week of visiting my dad in the hospital, my fingernails were a mess. I quickly resumed my former hospital employee habit of frequent hand washing, as I did not want to get sick. That combined with our unnaturally dry weather made our hands, skin, and fingernails extremely dry. 

After one of his surgeries, the call to my mom and I from the surgery recovery room to the waiting room left my mom smiling big. The nurse with daddy said "I want to meet his wife with the softest hands in the world." She knew when she heard that that he was okay. 

We are back home but still not quite back to our old routines, and our hands still needed care. My mom agreed to a mini spa treatment. Girl time is always fun, right? And we both needed care for our dry hands. 

The strong toxic smells are just one of the things that keep me from getting professional manicures anymore, but there are some things about the experience that I miss. One lovely place I visited often when I worked on the coast 20 years ago preceded manicures with a hand and arm massage which in ways resembled the passive range of motion exercises I provided to some of my patients. That experience is what I hoped to replicate with my mom. 

Few supplies are required:
Udderly Smooth Body Cream (now available in Walmart's first aid section) 
Small glass bowl (large enough for your fingertips)

How you choose to heat it is up to you. We used a microwave, but a double boiler or even just setting the bowl down in boiling water that is lower than the bowl's rim would work, too. 

Scoop 3-4 Tablespoons of Udderly Smooth into small glass bowl. Heat in microwave for 10 seconds, stir, then heat again until mixture starts to melt. Ours took less than 20 seconds total. Stir. ***IMPORTANT STEP: check temperature for safety before soaking fingertips. When you have confirmed that the heated cream is not hot enough to burn, place fingertips of one hand into bowl for approximately one minute. Repeat with second hand. Then rub the cream remaining on your fingers into your fingernails, hands, and arms. If there is any extra, just wipe it away with a soft cloth. 

My mom and I both loved this! Though the thick cream returned from a soft liquid to its creamy whipped texture as it cooled, the warmth just added to the experience as it was rubbed in. The light fragrance is calming, too. 

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Disclaimer: Udderly Smooth provided products to try in exchange for sharing how I used their products. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own and that of my family.  


  1. Spa day at home - I love it!!! Going to try this out!! :)

  2. Sounds like something I need to do - Love that it's so easy to have a piece of the spa experience. (What a timely review too, as you were able to pamper your mom a little bit!)

    1. It was easy, and yes the timing was perfect.

  3. OH I need to try this! I'll have to see if our Walmart in Canada sells it to. My hands always need TLC after working in the barn or gardens.

    1. Kim, yes, they confirmed it is available in Canada too, also in the pharmacy/first aid aisle.


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