USAopoly Games: A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Our family loves playing games, so this review was pure fun. USAopoly sent not one but two of their games to us: Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun For Everyone. Both of these were fairly quick (20 minutes or less) to play, and we played them both over and over. 

First let me tell you about Wonky. These blocks are not your typical cubes. Three sides are flat and three are uneven, and none of the flat sides are across from each other. There are 3 colors and 3 sizes of each wonky sided block, so they can be used in addition to the game for grouping and matching. As an Occupational Therapist, I've used stacking games for years in therapy. Kids with fine motor delays can struggle to stack blocks of various sizes. With my tremor, stacking the wonky shaped blocks has not been easy. My highest tower was just five blocks. We have laughed so much with this game. Wonky would be a great addition to an OT clinic as EVERYONE has trouble stacking these blocks, so there is an equal chance at the game. It turns into a toppled tower often--that's the point. Laughter has a way of easing frustration and allieviating tension. 

Laughter just seemed to be built into this game. The game includes the nine wonky shaped blocks, playing cards which direct the building, and instructions. The box can even be used as a building platform if you happen to agree to play an unplanned game while sitting on soft cushions. ;) 

Tapple was our other family game night addition, but it was played by friends in our homeschool co-op, too. Tapple is a timed game which adds to the excitement. The game is passed from person to person with the timer reactivated with each pass. If you can't think of a word before your time ends, it beeps. Difficulty increases as the round progresses and fewer letters are left to use. 

Tapple is a word game that includes the "Tapple wheel" and a small set of two sided cards. The cards provide categories, then you try to beat the timer and come up with words for each letter on the wheel. Talk about words on the tip of your tongue. The timer beeped before my word was spoken often. 

My oldest daughter said it was fun hearing what everyone's answers are. Her sister shared "it is fast paced and makes you think." My son enjoyed pushing the buttons. 

These games are joining other USAopoly favorites on our family game shelf. (They make Scrabble, Cranium, and Jenga, too.) If you need to add more laughter in your life, I recommend Wonky. If you want to work on beating a timer in a much more fun way than math drills, try out Tapple. Our family had so much fun playing both of these USAopoly games. Click the graphic below to read other crew reviews. 

 USAopoly Review

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